Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's 9:30 AM on August 29 here~

Melon pan actually tastes like apricot. O_o

The mood?
Think in yen.
Think in GST+9:00.
Think Japan.

(..."think Japanese" will probably come later..."think in Japanese" should be happening now..)

Short timeline of yesterday's (8/28) arrival:
-flight (about 10 hours) arrived on time (maybe slightly early?), 3:30 PM.  Got through customs by 4 PM.
-took KGU's pick-up service-hired bus (comfy~) to Seminar Houses.
-arrived SH4 around 6:30 PM, checked in, received super-informative orientation packet.
-followed tour to supermarket at 8 PM.  bought food! yay.
-ate food and talked to many new people.  will hopefully remember most names.  this is just like freshman year all over again.

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