Saturday, July 31, 2010

End-of-July Update

Soooooooooooooooooooo, July has actually been a fairly exciting month on the study-abroad front.  Which surprises me, considering that earlier I only expected to be expectantly anticipating August during July.

On Kansai Gaidai's part:
  • Applications for the Speaking Partner Program and Home Visit Program (deadline was July 20...I think I managed to e-mail it in while it was still that day in Japan 8D)
  • Housing notified me that I'ma be inhabiting a room in SEMINAR HOUSE 4 this coming semester~~ (actually, SH2 was my first choice, but SH4 has a really nice'all good ♥)
  • An e-mail containing a question concerning my financial situation was answered (ah, now I have to answer them back..)
  • Fall 2010 course descriptions came out (fairly early in the month)
  • They sent me my CoE :D
On my part:
  • I applied for my student visa (does not cost $$ for US citizens, yay!)....and just picked it up today!  (I also picked up two gigantic gourmet sandwich cookies, a gruyere-and-onion brioche, and a wig....welllll, if I'm going all the way to SF, I may as well go all out, hahahahahahaaa..)
    *relevant note: If there are no problems with your application, a student visa from the San Francisco branch of the Japanese Consulate will be ready in about a week*
  • I finally started assembling some of the stuff I'll be packing
  • (actually my parents' part) bought a biiiig, but fairly light suitcase~
  • I realized that I haven't studied much....any...Japanese yet....and summer is almost over
Still TO-DO:
  • Wire tuition and housing fees over to KG so I don't have to carry several thousand (US) dollars worth of traveler's checks with me (so in yen...several hundreds of thousands?)
  • Hang out with all my dear friends ♥
  • E-mail people.  Many people.  I am a bad person.
  • Plan out where I want to go in Japan.
  • Pack.
The time is just flyyyyying by..

28 days to go.............


      Saru In Japan said...

      Hi Josephine, fellow KGUer' and SH4 neighbor! =D Nice blog you have going on here. I would have wrote down my whole application on my blog too but I'm too lazy to remember the whole process. =p I'll be following your blog as well as many others throughout their KGU experience. Also, I hope you dont mind me linking your blog onto mind. You can do the same too if you want. See you around SH4 and KGU =D

      Jasmine K. said...

      Ditto what Andrew said, the linking blog part at least. :) You have a smart format for your blog, listing out stuff/advice and such instead of just ranting about it. Are you also leaving from SFO on August 27th? If so, I'll see you there! :)