Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社

one year ago
 Fushimi Inari impressions: orange.  foxes.  stone.  stairs.  endless.  mystery.

round and round and round it goes/where it ends, nobody knows..
(except maybe the shopkeepers and other regular visitors)

after a hike around the Fushimi Inari mountain (for cultural background, WIKI), there was mind-boggling tofu-based ice cream (豆腐ソフトクリーム tofu sofuto kuriimu)
delicious kitsune udon dinner, amazing kinako ice cream (more ice cream!) and parfaits, and finally...
高台寺 Koudaiji Light-up! (紅葉 kouyou "fall foliage"/temple viewing at night)

Fushimi Inari is easily accessed by taking the 京阪 Keihan line towards Kyoto and getting off at the 伏見稲荷 Fushimi Inari station.
It'll be pretty obvious you're at the right station. :)
Take Exit 2 (出入り口2), walk down towards the bigger street, and then head east down that street.
Less than a block down, among the small shops on either side of you, there'll be the tofu ice cream shop (if you're headed east, it's on your right side, I think...doing this from google maps by searching "fushimi inari taisha, japan", not from memory haha).
Sadly, I can't help you get to any of the other places; it would take too much text and frankly, I don't remember.  This entry is, after all, a year after the fact. :P

Of course, the key to a good trip is not so much location (though that certainly matters)...
but good company. :)
"Strange" is a bonus.