Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Everything I Want to Say and More

Ohohohoho...I didn't update at all during November, did I..


Doesn't mean I didn't want to update, though!  REALLY.

For your anticipatory pleasure, here are various drafts I have in progress (some have been sitting for almost 2 months now, haahahahaha):
  • Hiroshima trip
  • Tokyo trip
  • Being Christian in Japan
  • Analog Fish live (concert) in Osaka
  • Things I like to complain about
  • my 枚方市 (Hirakata-shi, the town I've been living in these past few months..) family ♥
  • etc.
by the way, this post was a draft for about a week.  haha...

Other things, not yet drafts, but definitely worth mentioning:
  • 紅葉 (kouyou, autumn leaves turning colors) trips
  • my participation in 華道部 (kadoubu, flower arrangement club), where we do 生け花 (ikebana, flower arrangement)
  • super-long-awaited home visit in Wakayama
  • seeing Merry live
  • final update on how the "study" in study abroad actually happens in reality
  • living in Seminar House 4
  • food-related nonsense
  • etc.
Hmmmmmmm hopefully I'll have time during winter break to compose some of this stuff....hopefully. 8D

Entries will probably also pop up as I procrastinate on final papers~☆

楽しみにしてね~ (tanoshimi ni shite ne~)
Look forward to it! :)

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