Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have much pleasanter things to record later, when there is time to spare, but right now....

the USD-JPY ($ /¥) exchange rate is deeply saddening to me.

US$1 = ¥83.5 (thank you google.)

That's market if I go exchange my traveler's checks at a local bank, the rate I receive will be 1 or  points(? don't know this terminology..) lower.  ¥82 or ¥81 per US$1.  It's pretty close for the post office's international ATM, too....

should I try and wait it out for a better rate, or just get some money?  The highest it's been this month is about ¥86, I think.  Bahhh..... my wallet's going to be emptied tomorrow (paying for insurance), and I'm going to Osaka for a field trip on Saturday, so I'll probably just suck it up and do that ATM-thang.  Cash disappears so quickly...really forces me into consciousness of how much I'm spending and how constantly I'm buying.


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