Thursday, May 6, 2010



Nice to meet you (even if I know you already, haha)--my name is Jo, and this is the blog I will be using to chronicle my study abroad experiences at Kansai Gaidai 関西外国語大学 (KG for short~), in Japan!


I am currently finishing my second year of college at UC Berkeley, majoring in Asian Studies (with a focus on China). I like to cook, bake, blog, read (mostly blogs, novels and Wikipedia), draw, and "appreciate music." I've been studying (with varying levels of diligence) the Japanese language since September 2004..that makes it almost six years now. だけど、まだ苦手で片言だけ話せる。 T-T (vague translation: I'm still incompetent.)

This blog's title "West of the East"....has some meaning to it, I guess. I've always found it a little odd that whenever I fly to Asia ("the East"), we fly westward. Additionally, Kansai 関西, the region where KG is located, is in what is considered the Western region of Japan. And that should be enough explanation, yep.

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